Manufacturer generates AutoCAD design spec, reducing turnaround time by 80%

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Sales


Over $75,000 saved each year

Over $75,000 saved each year

80% faster design creation time

80% faster design creation time

Eliminated errors

Eliminated errors

Company Profile

Global manufacturing firm that partners with customers to provide sustainable paper and packaging solutions that help them win in the marketplace.

Scope Highlights

  • AS400
  • Over 7000 requests per year
  • AutoCAD
  • Packaging design automation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Sales representatives for this global packaging firm receive design requests from customers and prospects. Reps forward each design request to the company’s Sample & Design team, who then create mockups in AutoCAD. Fulfilling each request was time-consuming, and the company was challenged to meet the strict 24-hour turnaround requirement. The CFO recognized that this rules-based process was a prime candidate for automation and wanted a scalable solution to free up all involved resources.


The automation retrieves data from AS400 containing the design specifications for each request. It then connects to AutoCAD and inputs the details to create the product design. The automation then exports the design as a PDF and sends it to the Sales & Design team for final image edits and enhancements. Once finalized, it is sent back to the sales team to be shared with the customer. The automation generates an end-of-day report that includes exception cases for manual review.