Largest Global Bottler Automates $1B in Cash Application Transactions

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Accounting and Finance


87% of transactions Automated

87% of transactions Automated

Processing time reduced 90%

Processing time reduced 90%

Decreased human error

Decreased human error

Company Profile

Leading Global Beverage company, distributes over 200 brands and thousands of beverages around the world. This globally recognized multinational beverage company is known for innovation in both marketing, customer success, and community contribution.

RPA Case Study Snapshot:

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As a global vendor the company experienced high volumes of customer orders. Orders are processed through different systems, currencies, and countries. The meticulous task of reconciling these orders to payments was consuming significant AR clerk time.


WonderBotz Cash Application Automation Prebuilt solution was introduced to the customer’s existing Intelligent Automation systems. It quickly and accurately matched incoming payments to customer invoices. The Smart Match technology was able to accommodate the diverse customer profiles and transactions.