Large organization aligns pricing to contracts and eliminates revenue leakage

Industry : Cross-Industry, Manufacturing

Function : Sales


Pricing validation report issued

Pricing validation report issued

Eliminated price discrepancies among systems

Eliminated price discrepancies among systems

Reduced pricing reconciliation effort

Reduced pricing reconciliation effort

Company Profile

A shared-services provider for one of North America’s largest beverage-bottling companies, this organization provides support to over 70 independent bottlers and other participating partners. By working together with partners and stakeholders as a unified voice, the organization is able to drive maximum value and achieve results for both its partners and customers.

Scope Highlights

  • 70 independent buyers and groups nationwide
  • Intelligent Data Processing (IDP)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine learning (ML)

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This large shared-services provider, had buyers and buying groups spread across the United States, each with its own pricing, discounts and distribution models. As a result, the client began experiencing revenue leakage due to pricing disputes driven by multiple factors. They wanted a way to ensure accurate price adjustments and reconciliation across all associated systems. Management also wanted real-time forecasts of product discounts, seasonal or event-driven promotions to reconcile with the SKU level pricing on record.


With such a variety of different customer contracts and promotions, this client needed standardized data. The automation digitally captures pricing information, using IDP technology to read the data from a variety of pricing documents. It then updates associated records across all affected systems, eliminating the need for manual data checks and price adjustments. People use a verification station to review the extracted pricing and compare to the underlying documents. It uses machine learning to add to the variety of documents it can handle.