Journal entry assistant speeds processing while saving accountant effort

Industry : Cross-Industry, Hospitality

Function : Accounting and Finance


30% faster processing

30% faster processing

Improved journal entry data quality

Improved journal entry data quality

Reduced accountant effort

Reduced accountant effort

Company Profile

Resort Group provides over a dozen premier, world-renowned resort playgrounds across the United States and Canada operating year round, including hospitality, real-estate development, food and beverage and retail businesses.

Scope Highlights

  • +50,000 journal entries per year
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • MS SharePoint
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • MS Excel

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The client processes about 1,000 journal entries (JE) each week. Accounting team would register each JE in SharePoint and assign a reviewer. The reviewer entered the JE into MS Dynamics and updated a separate template. Next, the template, and a link to the JE, were emailed to the approver for handling. The process was error-prone and took time away from higher-value tasks. Leadership wanted a solution to accurately create entries and allow staff to focus on completing entries in a timely manner.


The automation retrieves the list of prepared journal entries from Sharepoint that are ready for review. Next, it applies business rules to validate the data and alerts the reviewer if it uncovers any issues. It then creates a new entry in MS Dynamics using the Excel template and publishes the template. After updating the record in SharePoint it notifies the approver to complete the process. All steps are carried out by the automation, and the reviewer need only focus on exception cases needing follow-up.