Fortune 1000 company moves invoice processing back on shore with InvoiceBotz

Industry : Retail and Consumer Services

Function : Accounting and Finance


Successfully returned invoicing to onshore

Successfully returned invoicing to onshore

Ability to process 3,000+ invoices daily (and scalable for more)

Ability to process 3,000+ invoices daily (and scalable for more)

99%+ line item GL coding

99%+ line item GL coding

Company Profile

North America’s premier provider of death care products and services, operating funeral service locations and cemeteries across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Scope Highlights

  • Reshoring process from India to USA (& digital shore)
  • WonderBotz InvoiceBotz for invoice receipt through registration
  • Blue Prism Cloud running ABBYY Flexicapture for Invoices
  • Roughly 400,000 annual invoices (1,500 daily)
  • Roughly 175,000 vendors
  • Line item GL coding
  • Coupa

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This Fortune Company had moved their invoice processing offshore years ago and that BPO contract was coming to an end. While their BPO firm was providing agreed-to services levels, they were unable to keep up the client’s evolving needs such as line level data extraction and their straight-through processing rate was stuck at 30%. All at a lower cost, management wanted to bring the invoice process back onshore and under their control with expanded capabilities.


WonderBotz’s prebuilt InvoiceBotz was chosen as the turn-key solution for speed-to-value, fit-to-need and future expandability. The core functionality includes comprehensive line-item level GL coding with automated reference file generation, expedited payment handling and customized work queues. InvoiceBotz uses a combination of machine learning and invoice templates to drive OCR throughput. WonderBotz operates this solution in production on behalf of this client.