Insurer reviews thousands of state records to locate policyholders

Industry : Insurance

Function : Accounting and Finance


200 resource hours saved

200 resource hours saved

Reduced SLAs

Reduced SLAs

Improved accuracy of processing

Improved accuracy of processing

Company Profile

This Fortune 1000 Fraternal Life and Annuities Provider is among the largest in North America with millions of members and over $100 billion of life insurance in force. It provides permanent life, term life, long-term care and disability income insurance and retirement annuities, while supporting many charitable causes financially and through its members’ volunteer hours.

Scope Highlights

  • Up to 83,000 records reviewed annually
  • Ingenium policy administration system
  • Life70 policy administration system
  • AWD BPM platform
  • Extraction of data from state reports

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Each month the claims department reviewed a series of insurance verification reports published by the Department of Financial Services to determine if any records contained policyholders within the company. Multiple resources examined thousands of records within the information to locate policyholders and confirmed client details in internal systems. This was a time-consuming and error-prone process. CoE leaders sought a solution that could accurately and quickly look up policyholders.


Optimizing the process, the claims team downloads the report as an Excel file and saves it to a secured folder. The solution retrieves the file, then performs a client search in the Insurer’s back office systems to identify records containing existing policyholders. Based on configurable business rules, the automation updates the Excel file to indicate it found a match and emails the processing team for them to the official records after reviewing the findings.