Immigration Law Firm uses AI to reach 65% touchless form processing

Industry : Professional Services

Function : Legal and Compliance


65% of forms are processed touchless

65% of forms are processed touchless

Improved accuracy to over 95%

Improved accuracy to over 95%

Case handling time reduced by 60%

Case handling time reduced by 60%

Company Profile:

US-based immigration law firm, assisting their clients through the USCIS process in cases related to immigration and employment.

RPA Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry :Professional Services
  • Challenge :Manual Forms Processing
  • Solution :Custom Automation
  • Outcome : Reduced Case Handling time and improved accuracy

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Challenge: Manual Form Processing

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) submission process can be difficult and very slow. Immigration lawyers and paralegals spent roughly 40% of their time reviewing forms for completeness and accuracy. This heavy workload of manual document processing created processing slowdowns that impacts clients’ immigration status.

The law firm sought an automation solution to cut immigration form processing time, allowing the firm to take on more business and help more clients.

Solution: Custom RPA development for Touchless form processing

Intelligent document processing (IDP) frameworks were used to ingest documents from clients. The structured data was extracted by implementing business rules and checking it against the system of record.

A custom RPA solution was developed using OCR and AI (IDP) reaching 65% touchless form processing. The average time to compile and check immigration forms was reduced from 13 days to 5 and accuracy increased to over 95%. Automating immigration form submission and processing freed up more than 25% of the lawyers’ time, relieving them of repetitive tasks.

The solution allowed the firm to gain market share and serve their existing clients better, ensuring accurate and timely submission of immigration forms to the US government offices.