Hospitality firm automates daily POS reporting to speed upload to GL with accurate coding

Industry : Cross-Industry, Hospitality

Function : Accounting and Finance


50% faster processing

50% faster processing

Better data quality

Better data quality

Refocus team to higher-value activities

Refocus team to higher-value activities

Company Profile

US Resort Group provides over a dozen premier, world-renowned resort playgrounds across the United States and Canada operating year round, including hospitality, real-estate development, food and beverage and retail businesses.

Scope Highlights

  • QuickSight BI portal
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Access and Excel
  • Journal entry reporting

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The client’s F&B POS system provides an excellent user experience but lacks the functionality to store GL data. Preparers at each location needed to run reports and manually copy data to a template that connected F&B data with GL coding details. The template would be uploaded to SharePoint and emailed the reviewer for approval. The process had multiple failure points and was time consuming. The CoE wanted to automate the reporting of daily transactions without impacting the customer experience.


The automated solution removes unnecessary delays by generating the daily F&B report from QuickSight and retrieving a list of business rules kept on SharePoint. This list contains the proper GL coding and credit card detail for processing the daily report. The automation then converts the data into D365 format, uploads the data to SharePoint and notifies the reviewer to follow up before posting. The solution uses existing data points and does not require updates to the POS interface.