Global hotel brand standardizes annual bonus plan process

Industry : Cross-Industry, Hospitality


Standardize bonus review, approval & communication process

Standardize bonus review, approval & communication process

Higher employee satisfaction

Higher employee satisfaction

Reduced distractions during process peak-load periods

Reduced distractions during process peak-load periods

Company Profile

Global hospitality company with a portfolio of luxury, lifestyle, premium and value-focused hotel and resort brands that operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Scope Highlights

  • Bonus-eligible employees
  • MS SharePoint and Excel
  • Bonus criteria and calculations
  • Management review and sign-off
  • Annual bonus letters as password-protected PDF

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Employees receive a merit payment as part of their annual compensation. While most bonuses are processed fully within the HR systems, about 10% are handled manually. Over many weeks, first-line and next-level management work together to determine and approve the payout to each employee based upon their contributions.  Leadership wanted to standardize this process and increase consistency and fairness across the enterprise while reducing the overall effort to manage it.


The solution gathers the draft bonus plans that have been created for each employee. Next, it identifies the right approver for each plan and requests that they perform the required review. First-line and next-level managers work together until they align on a final plan that conforms to policy. After an employee’s plan is approved, the automation loads the plan into the defined bonus letter template, creates a PDF file with password protection and delivers the PDF file to first-line managers for secure distribution.