Case Study: Healthcare Provider automates responsive Service Intensity Add-on (SIA) approach

Company Profile

Network of mission-driven not-for-profit regional hospices with a shared vision to strengthen and preserve community-based care and services that has over 1,300 employees.

Scope Highlights

  • NetSmart Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Existing patient data warehouse
  • SIA-alerts based upon analytics and business rules
  • Blue Prism Cloud (BPC)


Referred to as Service Intensity Add-on (SIA), each hospice patient needs additional care and services at the very end of their life. Need for SIA requires an immediate hospice response from direct care teams in order to be delivered in time. The existing management approach relied on lengthy manual processes often from caregivers who were on site with and tending to their patients.  This organization sought a systematic analytics-informed approach to ensure patient end-of-life needs were fully met.


While not diagnosing a medical condition, the automation uses patient data from medical evaluations performed by registered nurses (RN). Applying rules to medical codes entered by the RN, it sets the patient’s status as “normal” or “SIA”, and, as applicable, sends SIA alerts to the individual members of the patient’s direct care team advising that they need to immediately get to their patient. It results in improved patient care, services for their families, and revenues for the organization in support of its mission.


Over 2,000 hours saved annually

Substantial increase in SIA care delivered and management efficiencies

Increased revenue