Case Study: Healthcare provider develops systematic payroll allocation process for care providers


Company Profile

Network of mission-driven not-for-profit regional hospices with a shared vision to strengthen and preserve community-based care and services that has over 1,300 employees.

Scope Highlights

  • Payroll and provider data
  • ADP, EPIC, NetSmart
  • Advanced business rules engine for cost allocation
  • WonderBotz ReportBotz Plus, a pre-built utility solution
  • Blue Prism Cloud


The organization employs full-time, part-time and per diem staff in various care and administrative disciplines across seven affiliates with multiple cost centers. Centralized finance team needed to understand the current and changing cost of care across various dimensions and cost centers, but lacked the resources to allocate charges manually with each payroll. Leadership sought a systematic way to perform bi-weekly payroll allocations for its indirect and direct care personnel.


Automation retrieves payroll and timesheet information from ADP and health information systems for each of its staff. It applies business rules based upon worker’s location, schedule, discipline, and assigned patients to calculate the necessary direct and indirect cost center allocations and then loads the results into the financial systems for reporting. A secondary impact, the improved reporting accuracy increased care team utilization.


Over 2,000+ hours saved annually

100% data entry error reduction 

Reduced cycle time