Case Study: Healthcare Provider Digitizes Provider Timesheet Billing

Company Profile

Network of mission-driven not-for-profit regional hospices with a shared vision to strengthen and preserve community-based care and services that has over 1,300 employees.

Scope Highlights

  • Timesheet and billing management
  • Business rules engine for CPT coding
  • NetSmart Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and existing patient data warehouse
  • Blue Prism Interact for human-in-the-loop
  • Blue Prism Cloud (BPC)


The organization relied upon paper timesheets processed manually for billing, including applying and reviewing CPT codes and performing redundant data entry into their EMR. This inefficient approach also required additional processes for misplaced timesheets, led to keying errors and complicated CPT billing coding management. Leadership wanted to digitize the end-to-end billing process, from timesheet to CPT coding and data entry.


Automation digitized distribution, collection, and review of timesheets, and eliminated redundant manual data entry. Timesheets are generated from planned provider schedules and also on-demand for unscheduled services. Medical team members receive and fill out their timesheet and are sent reminders to complete them as needed. CPT coding is applied and checked based upon services provided. Finished timesheets are reviewed by Billing before getting uploaded into NetSmart.



100% data entry error reduction 

Improved employee satisfaction

Improved revenue from timesheet accuracy