Healthcare provider automates hospice in-hospital patient onboarding

Industry : Healthcare

Function : Operations


6,200+ physician and nurse hours saved annually

6,200+ physician and nurse hours saved annually

100% data entry error reduction

100% data entry error reduction

Reduced cycle time

Reduced cycle time

Company Profile

Network of mission-driven not-for-profit regional hospices with a shared vision to strengthen and preserve community-based care and services that has over 1,300 employees.

Scope Highlights

  • Patient onboarding for in-hospital hospice care
  • Draft clinical notes for caregiver review
  • NetSmart Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Advanced business rules

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Patients are referred for in-hospital or in-home hospice services by their attending physician, requiring that care start immediately. However, onboarding patients for in-hospital care requires detailed coordination across many facilities and hospice functions and systems (i.e.,  time tracking, charting, billing, CPT coding and claims). The manual approach took too long and was at risk to data-entry errors. Hospice leadership wanted a faster and more reliable way to onboard new in-hospital patients that also built confidence among referring physicians.


Automation enables immediate action on referral. Using simplified data-entry screen, intake team and referring physician work together to load the patient’s medical data into the system (e.g., diagnoses, demographics, insurance coverage, circumstances). Using rules and workflows, automation (1) identifies follow-up admission tasks and required face-to-face visits, (2) assigns the direct care service team by location, (3) prepares electronic medical record and (4) provides draft clinical notes to care team for review and submission.