Case Study: Healthcare provider develops Executive Board consolidated report

Company Profile

Network of mission-driven not-for-profit regional hospices with a shared vision to strengthen and preserve community-based care and services that has over 1,300 employees.


Scope Highlights

  • Monthly financial analysis and supporting narrative
  • Existing financial data warehouse
  • WonderBotz ReportBotz Plus, a pre-built utility solution
  • MS Dynamics, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook
  • Blue Prism Cloud (BPC)


The organization is governed by an executive board which meets monthly throughout the year. Each month, Finance group creates consolidated and affiliate-level financial summary reports for management and the board members. From end-of-month until the scheduled board meetings, analysts perform this repetitive manual process including gathering data from multiple internal and SaaS systems, reviewing changes in month-over-month financials, and assembling financial package for sign-off and distribution.


Built as a report package within WonderBotz ReportBotz-Plus, this automation eliminates inefficient data gathering while streamlining and preloading financial analyses into report templates. Based upon user-defined business rules, the final analysis is loaded into PowerPoint templates that were designed to enable the team to easily add narrative based upon the monthly happenings.  Finished reports are distributed and saved to secure shared drive locations.


400 hours saved

100% data entry error reduction

Enhanced peak time productivity and
consistent on-time delivery