University medical center eliminates payroll timecard exceptions

Industry : Cross-Industry, Healthcare

Function : Human Resources


1,000+ hours saved annually

1,000+ hours saved annually

Reduced stress for payroll team

Reduced stress for payroll team

Substantially reduced payroll exceptions

Substantially reduced payroll exceptions

Company Profile

A University Medical Center serves patients and their families in their communities by integrating patient care, education, and research in a caring environment. Part of a six-hospital network and as one of 138 academic medical centers in the United States, it provides the highest quality care, informed by academic research.

Scope Highlights

  • Kronos
  • Weekly payroll for all hourly-based employees
  • 3-tier escalation management alerts
  • Rules-based resolution of common issues
  • Email integration

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In order for the payroll team to calculate and manage weekly payroll, each employee must accurately clock their time in Kronos and managers must approve time claimed. However, required time cards were routinely incomplete or unapproved, complicating the payroll process and resulting in too many paychecks issued as exceptions. The payroll team sought to resolve issues earlier in the cycle by increasing timecard quality and timely manager approvals using a series of escalating alerts.


Automation finds timecard exceptions, notifies managers and escalates issues. It extracts incomplete timecards from Kronos and uses business rules to identify exceptions. Depending on the reason and circumstances, it signs off on unapproved timecard or alerts the appropriate manager for their action, either in batches or one-by-one. If a manager has multiple employees with issues, the messages are consolidated into a single alert. Over set time periods and until issue resolution, the solution escalates three times (i.e., manager, manager’s manager, etc.).