Global packaging firm automates COA document creation and delivery, saving $300k annual

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Legal and Compliance


$300,000 saved annually

$300,000 saved annually

Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency

Employees prioritized to higher-value work

Employees prioritized to higher-value work

Company Profile

Global manufacturing firm that partners with customers to provide sustainable paper and packaging solutions that help them win in the marketplace.

Scope Highlights

  • SAP
  • Shipping and customs documentation
  • Chinese language recognition
  • 72,000 transactions per month
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • OCR Component

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APAC regional shipments include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify product quality. Customer specification team members manually drafted COAs from PO details and emailed the forms to the site contact. They also confirmed last-minute amendments to the COA and updated the document that day. Due to the strict 24hr SLA, team members often rushed to update forms, resulting in errors and duplicate work. The CIO wanted to reduce manual work and eliminate errors in the process.


The automation retrieves a list of orders requiring a COA. It gathers the work order and PO details from SAP necessary to create the document. For the APAC region, the COA includes Chinese characters, and the automation uses business logic to identify the required fields on the document. The automation checks for any amendments or additions for shipments due that day and updates the existing COA file as needed. It then sends updated documentation and a confirmation email to the site contact.