ReportBotz enables hospitality company to audit room revenue to capture revenue leakage

Function : Human Resources

Company Profile

Global hospitality company with a portfolio of luxury, lifestyle, premium and value-focused hotel and resort brands, that operate in more than 100 countries and employs more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Scope Highlights

  • 2,000 hotels and resorts
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Opera (Hotel revenue system)
  • Email


A Global Hospitality company needed to capture its full Gross Room Revenue (GRR) from each guest and had instituted a regular review process. However, the audit process was very complicated and time consuming. Their Revenue Compliance & Audit (RCA) department lacked resources to perform GRR for all of their hotels and adding headcount was cost prohibitive. RCA could only sample a small percentage of hotels each month. Management wanted a cost-effective way to audit all of the hotels to maximize revenue recognition.


Company chose WonderBotz ReportBotz as the turn-key solution for speed-to-value, fit-to-need and flexibility. The team began by classifying hotels by revenue leakage risk to establish management’s audit priorities. ReportBotz generates key Opera reports with needed data and KPIs, analyzes them with user-managed rules, and alerts individual hotel general manager while providing customized supporting information.  Also, ReportBotz generates HQ reports and monitors hotel risk ratings.


$2M annual savings through reduction of auditor workload

$500K annual savings from hiring cost avoidance

Ability to increase number of audits due to efficiency gains