Fortune 500 company achieves compliance for user access

Industry : Cross-Industry, Media and Entertainment

Function : IT/Infosec


SOX compliance

SOX compliance

50% reduction in time to complete the audit

50% reduction in time to complete the audit

More efficient and faster access audit

More efficient and faster access audit

Company Profile

International Media Organization provides the world with innovative streaming services and digital video products, as well as production, distribution and advertising solutions. The company also delivers the largest share of the U.S. television audience and has amassed one of the most extensive libraries of TV and film titles.

Scope Highlights

  • User access audit, including access removal
  • 23 production and non-production systems
  • SOX compliance
  • ServiceNow
  • Robotic Process Automation

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As part of its SOX processes, organization audits end user access rights quarterly for production systems and semi-annually for non-production systems. Reports are generated and distributed to frontline managers across the organization who affirm employee access or tag it for removal. Thereafter, IT would manually make the required adjustments. Leadership sought to reduce the effort and speed the overall total time-to-complete.


Applying our robot-way process design approach, the joint WonderBotz and client team rationalized and standardized user access reporting across systems. Automation generates and distributes the new user access reports, follows up with managers until they complete their review, and directs a downstream automation to adjust user system access rights accordingly, including tracking access changes through the ServiceNow ticketing system.