Faster, error-free release management and better insights

Industry : BPO and Business Services, Cross-Industry

Function : IT/Infosec


Software release cycle time cut in half

Software release cycle time cut in half

Management visibility into the process

Management visibility into the process

Better quality controls

Better quality controls

Company Profile

Global leader in mobile device and app security, offering real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection against Android, iOS and Chromebooks threats.

Scope Highlights

  • DevOps release management
  • Infosec
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Google Sheets
  • Krista Automation Platform

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This SaaS company operates on a six week development and release cycle, requiring updates to over 50 (and growing) distinct production customer instances across the globe. Each instance requires its own independent release, complete with region-specific data and privacy requirements as well as multiple user acceptance approvals. The company found it difficult to manage so many environments and could not easily see the status of updates. Leadership sought to streamline release management and reduce manual effort.


Krista Automation Platform coordinates, orchestrates, and executes global release management processes. When a new software version is released, it creates epics and tasks in JIRA to document, tracks the various stakeholder approvals and produces change management reports as each step is approved. Because the automation orchestrates the entire process, all communications and documentation are stored and available for reporting dashboards and SLAs management.