Fintech onboards largest portfolio in its history

Industry : Banking & Finance

Function : Operations


1.5M Credit cards printed for new customers

1.5M Credit cards printed for new customers

3x faster customer onboarding

3x faster customer onboarding

Capability enabled their largest sale ($450M)

Capability enabled their largest sale ($450M)

Company Profile

Rapidly growing global Fintech is a leader in simplifying complex payment systems and delivering insights that help their customers make smart, data-driven business decisions.  They employ more than 4,900 associates in 11 countries—from São Paulo to Melbourne – and support over 20 currencies.

Scope Highlights

  • Factoring client onboarding
  • 8x larger than the next largest contract
  • Rules-based ETL
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Data wrangling and cleansing

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Fintech had been awarded their largest contractor which was 8x their next largest win and worth about US$450 million. Its new client demanded that they be onboarded immediately and any delay would put the client’s satisfaction at risk. However, Fintech’s process was not scalable to meet the deadline. Management needed an urgent solution for expedited onboarding for over 200,000 accounts and creation of greater than 1.5M credit cards.


Our team, working closely with Fintech, performed a rapid assessment to identify onboarding efficiencies that were quickly addressable using intelligent automation (RPA). Quality gaps in extracted data were identified as a bottleneck. A smartdata-cleansing ETL solution was built and deployed to identify and remediated extracted data quality. Once ready, the fintech ran the automation non-stop to meet the challenge and onboarded the new client in time to meet its commitments.