Dynamic scheduling optimizes virtual workforce utilization and achieves SLAs

Industry : Cross-Industry, Insurance

Function : Intelligent Automation COE


SLA's and comfortably met or beaten

SLA's and comfortably met or beaten

30% improvement in bot utilization

30% improvement in bot utilization

Greater business user satisfaction

Greater business user satisfaction

Company Profile

This Fortune 1000 Fraternal Life and Annuities Provider is among the largest in North America with millions of members and over $100 billion of life insurance in force. It provides permanent life, term life, long-term care and disability income insurance and retirement annuities, while supporting many charitable causes financially and through its members’ volunteer hours.

Scope Highlights

  • Automation prioritization and scheduling
  • Existing RPA automations

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Insurer has many automations able to handle a variety of situations, running on a schedule set by business users. Due to workload variations and at various times during the day, some virtual workers were overextended and while others were idle. COE needed to continually adjust processing schedules manually or purchase more digital workers in order to meet SLAs. Management sought to automate the rebalancing of virtual worker assignments to reduce need for manual adjustments and improve utilization of existing robots.


The dynamic scheduling solution assigns virtual workers when there is work to be processed across any of their automations.  Business leadership sets relative priority among the types of cases to ensure that critical work is processed first. As new cases are saved in the case management system, the scheduling solution creates an RPA work item and allocates digital workers able to run the right automation.  SLAs are met/beaten while bot utilization is increased avoiding additional license purchases.