Compiling contact center performance reports

Industry : Banking & Finance, Cross-Industry

Function : Contact Center


Improved quality assurance

Improved quality assurance

Staff freed up for higher-value activities

Staff freed up for higher-value activities

Standardized employee performance tracking process

Standardized employee performance tracking process

Company Profile

Regional commercial bank focusing on serving personal and small to medium businesses in the western region of US. The bank provides services including commercial banking, construction lending, small business loans, franchise capital management, property banking, fiduciary banking, government banking, and treasury management, with over $800 million annual revenue

Scope Highlights

  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Salesforce
  • MS Excel
  • Employee performance
  • Contact center

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Contact center performance was recorded in two disparate systems. Auditors connected to each system every Monday, downloaded reports for each agent, reconciled the data, and saved it to the employee’s record. Monthly stats also needed to be captured. The process was time-consuming and distracted reporting team members from more critical tasks. Leadership wanted a solution to quickly reconcile agent performance data and let the reporting team focus on higher-value work.


The solution connects to Cisco, downloads agent call and summary reports, and retrieves ticket research reports from Salesforce. It then applies business rules to reconcile data across the four data sources, producing an updated worksheet to gather insight into the contact center agent’s performance. Reconciliations must be performed weekly and monthly; the solution downloads the correct reports for either situation.