Automates AP payment run in Oracle while maintaining in-region controls

Industry : BPO and Business Services, Cross-Industry

Function : Accounting and Finance


Saved 3.25 FTEs globally

Saved 3.25 FTEs globally

Improved consistency of the payment cycle

Improved consistency of the payment cycle

Better cross-department alignment

Better cross-department alignment

Company Profile

Worldwide digital company providing a trusted platform that brings together and interconnects foundational infrastructure, enabling organizations to access all the right places, partners, and possibilities to accelerate competitive advantage.

Scope Highlights

  • Oracle
  • Outlook
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

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AP’s payment run is a weekly process, operating Wednesday to end-of-day on Thursday. On day one, AP adds the batch in its reconciliation tracker, defines each payment to be run, and generates and emails the payment report to Treasury for approval. On day two, after Treasury approval, AP finalizes and processes the payments. After all payment are finished for the current week, then AP payment specialists note as complete on the week’s batch tracker reconciliation sheet. Management wanted to automate the process for efficiencies.


Automation runs on a schedule specific to each region. It creates and validates an Oracle payment request at the line item level, using rules to determine whether the batch needs additional approvals.  For valid batches, Treasury is notified and, after a planned delay, the payment batch is sent to the bank for processing.  If the robot encounters a rule-driven exception or a situation it cannot resolve, it halts payment processing and alerts the AP team. Supporting documents are saved to the network for support and compliance.