Bot uses OCR to create invoices for unbilled dockets at multiple locations, saving $150,000 annually.

Industry : Cross-Industry, Manufacturing

Function : Accounting and Finance


$150,000 saved annually

$150,000 saved annually

Improved invoicing accuracy

Improved invoicing accuracy

Process standardization for all locations

Process standardization for all locations

Company Profile

Global manufacturing firm that partners with customers to provide sustainable paper and packaging solutions that help them win in the marketplace.

Scope Highlights

  • 1,800+ transactions per month
  • Kiwiplan enterprise sales processing (ESP) software
  • QlikView BI platform
  • MS SharePoint, Outlook, Excel
  • RPA (robotic process automation)

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The billing team is responsible for processing purchase order billing for roughly 100 locations. Team members connected to the enterprise sales processing (ESP) system to identify unbilled dockets and create invoices. They manually generated multiple reports, validated the data, and transformed the value formats for entry into a single reconciliation workbook. This tedious, error-prone process was performed differently at each location. AR leadership wanted to eliminate human data-entry errors and standardize across all sites.


The automation connects to the ESP and produces a report of uninvoiced dockets for all locations. It uses OCR to retrieve order data and create detailed invoices in the system. It then generates reports and emails them to the billing team before building the master reconciliation for all locations. The solution distributes the reconciliation report to the billing team for final review, including MI reports showing which sites were processed and which require manual review.