Automation works 24/7 to flag global regulatory changes and eliminate noncompliance

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Legal and Compliance


$1 Million saved per year

$1 Million saved per year

Botz produced real time reports for all geos

Botz produced real time reports for all geos

9 Expert FTEs saved annually

9 Expert FTEs saved annually

Company Profile:

A leading global manufacturer with presence in 17 countries across all major continents. They are committed to serving customers in a sustainable way, working with regulatory agencies in each country.

RPA Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry :Manufacturing
  • Challenge :International Regulatory Updates
  • Solution :Custom Automation
  • Outcome : Scalable automation implemented to monitor global regulatory changes.

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Challenge: Keeping abreast of Global Regulatory Changes

Legal research is critical for companies operating in multiple geos to stay up to date on regulatory mandates. For this firm, the process was decentralized and heavily dependent on human research experts. Missing regulation changes could cause disruption of production, customer dissatisfaction, loss of brand reputation, government fines, and in some cases even jail time.

Leadership wanted to create a scalable solution to keep production running smoothly and eliminate the threats of noncompliance.

Solution: Custom Intelligent Automation

The custom intelligent automation leverages unattended bots, working 24/7, to monitor changes published by regulatory bodies and related official communications. These status updates are compiled into real time reports that are shared with the team, allowing them to take immediate action.

Access to accurate timely information allowed global regulatory compliance to be effectively handled by 2 subject matter experts, saving 9FTEs. Up to date regulatory data has allowed the company to focus on expansion as their level of risk in adding new geos is significantly reduced.