Automation speeds up global customer onboarding

Industry : Media and Entertainment

Function : Operations


90% reduced cycle time

90% reduced cycle time

1-2 FTE saved

1-2 FTE saved

Increased staff prioritization on higher-value activities

Increased staff prioritization on higher-value activities

Company Profile

International Media Organization provides the world with innovative streaming services and digital video products, as well as production, distribution and advertising solutions. The company also delivers the largest share of the U.S. television audience and has amassed one of the most extensive libraries of TV and film titles.

Scope Highlights

  • SAP
  • OANDA currency conversion portal
  • SOX compliance
  • MS Excel
  • Billing record creation

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The order-to-cash team received customer onboarding requests by email. Details were on a Word document that needed to be manually copied into SAP. This involved using different templates with codes specific to the various regions, revenue streams, and customer types for the company. It also involved data validation through external web portals. The process was time-consuming. Leadership wanted a solution to quickly onboard new customers and allow OtC team members to focus on specialized cases.


Upon receiving a new customer setup request, the solution searches for duplicates in SAP. The automation first cleanses the request data for new customers, validates the tax ID with VIES, and uses OANDA to verify currency conversion rates. It then enters the customer record and credit line details in SAP. The solution then notifies the billing team of the newly created record and the OtC team of any requests needing additional review.