Automation records tax payments, mitigating $2M in penalties annually

Industry : BPO and Business Services, Cross-Industry

Function : Accounting and Finance


Avoided $2 million in tax penalties

Avoided $2 million in tax penalties

Saved 200 hours/month processing

Saved 200 hours/month processing

Standardized global process

Standardized global process

Company Profile

Worldwide digital company providing a trusted platform that brings together and interconnects foundational infrastructure, enabling organizations to access all the right places, partners and possibilities to accelerate competitive advantage.

Scope Highlights

  • Oracle R12
  • Coupa
  • MS SharePoint
  • Box file storage
  • MS Outlook
  • Automated process enhancement

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Our client spends about 200 hours per month supporting the end-to-end tax payment process across different regions worldwide. Each region had discrete process steps, roles, and responsibilities. The overall process suffered from data errors, delays in tax payment recording, lack of payment confirmation recording, and an inefficient approval process. This resulted in missed deadlines and financial penalties. The finance team wanted to standardize the process, increase efficiency and bring scalability to the existing workflow.


The solution retrieves a list of tax payments from SharePoint via API and updates a tracker with details of charges coming due. The automation notifies the preparer to update the tax payment amount and advises reviewers to check the charge while also updating the tracker with response dates from each team member. The automation then creates an invoice or marks the amount as completed in Oracle. Once all items have been processed, the automation generates customized status reports and distributes them to the correct team members.