Automation recaptures revenue from rejected payments

Industry : Cross-Industry, Insurance

Function : Accounting and Finance


80% faster processing

80% faster processing

Eliminated backlog

Eliminated backlog

Improved scalability

Improved scalability

Company Profile

This Fortune 1000 Fraternal Life and Annuities Provider is among the largest in North America with millions of members and over $100 billion of life insurance in force. It provides permanent life, term life, long-term care and disability income insurance and retirement annuities, while supporting many charitable causes financially and through its members’ volunteer hours.

Scope Highlights

  • Over 125,000 payments per year
  • PCX reporting system
  • Ingenium policy administration system
  • Online payment processing
  • Case management

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Each day, the payments team receives and processes a list of valid payments submitted through a non-standard means (e.g., pay-by-phone) and rejected by downstream applications. Each transaction needed a manual review to update the client’s record accordingly. With hundreds of transactions daily, this was a time-consuming process involving multiple client and policy management systems. The payments team wanted a scalable solution that could eliminate the need for manual processing and improve the accuracy of the results.


The solution gathers all non-standard payments by parsing through existing reports and extracting policy and payment information. Next, logs into the correct back office platforms to apply each payment to the proper customer account. It checks for outstanding balances before recording the remittance and notifies the team to process any extra amounts as refunds. Each day, it generates an MI operations report with transaction details for reconciliation and assigns all exceptions to payments team resources.