Automated remote revenue audits create $2 million in profits

Industry : Hospitality

Function : Operations


US$1.5 million in found revenue

US$1.5 million in found revenue

US$500k cost avoidance

US$500k cost avoidance

Improved employee morale and productivity

Improved employee morale and productivity

Company Profile

Global hospitality company with a portfolio of luxury, lifestyle, premium and value-focused hotel and resort brands that operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Scope Highlights

  • Remote audit of 5,000+ hotel properties annually
  • Opera property management system (PMS)
  • ABBYY Flexicapture
  • MS SharePoint and Excel
  • MS SQL Server / SQL Server Express
  • PDF files

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Hospitality company’s compliance and audit team needed to review each property’s revenue for accuracy. An auditor would manually connect to each location’s system and verify the data aligned to amounts for the audit period. As the number of locations grew, this approach became unsustainable as too many additional people would be needed to complete this annual process. Leadership wanted a scalable solution to perform remote audits so that the team could focus on the final reviews.


Solution connects to the property management application (Opera) and downloads all the necessary reports for each location. As Opera only generates PDF files, the solution uses OCR technology to read, parse and structure the revenue data. The extracted data is stored in a database for downstream dashboards and reporting as per business requirements. The solution notifies team members after a remote audit is completed, or if any exceptions were encountered for follow up.