Automate UK dispatch forms to meet EU shipping requirements, for speed and productivity

Industry : Cross-Industry, Logistics and Supply Chain

Function : Accounting and Finance


750 hours saved annually

750 hours saved annually

50% faster document processing

50% faster document processing

Improved compliance

Improved compliance

Company Profile

The world’s primary distributor of financial data and a top news provider of the 21st century. Customers around the world rely on them to deliver accurate, real-time business and market information.

Scope Highlights

  • Custom portal for user access
  • SAP Delivery
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Brexit-driven shipping requirements
  • MS Outlook, Excel
  • Dispatch documentation audit

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Following Brexit, international shipments from the UK must have all shipping documents captured and uploaded to SAP for audit purposes. Dozens of different shippers and hundreds of dispatch documents were received each week and manually uploaded to SAP Delivery. Team members were overworked under the immense volume, and emails were occasionally missed, resulting in non-compliance. Leadership wanted a solution that would consistently retrieve and upload all documentation and scale with demand.


The automation locates and downloads all dispatch documents received the previous day from shippers based on the externalized rules. It retrieves documents from emails or by connecting directly to the shipping portal. The automation locates the correct record in SAP Delivery and uploads all files. This happens behind a proprietary portal, which requires the automation to use custom scripts to perform the right actions programmatically. All logic is externalized and easily updated by the business team.