AI-Powered HR Automation Reduces Inquiry Processing Time by 80%

Industry : Insurance

Function : Human Resources


80% reduction of manual processing time

80% reduction of manual processing time

Response time reduced from 3 days to 20 minutes

Response time reduced from 3 days to 20 minutes

Improved employee satisfaction

Improved employee satisfaction

Company Profile:

This pioneering India-based life insurance firm offers diverse protection and savings plans through a vast network and digital platform, safeguarding the financial future of individuals and families.

Automation Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Challenge: Manual handling of Employee inquiries
  • Solution: Custom RPA Development
  • Outcome: Reduced processing time

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Challenge: Manual Handling of HR Inquiries

Employees submit HR inquiries using the company’s HRMS portal or via email. These requests were manually tracked in an Excel spreadsheet by the HR team. The team would categorize and log the requests into the internal HR system, and any missing information required individual follow-ups.

The long processing time combined with the high volume of daily requests made it difficult for the team to provide timely resolutions to employee concerns. Leadership sought a more efficient system that could streamline this process.

Solution: HR Automation Slashes Processing and Response Time

WonderBotz provided a Custom Automation Solution that could handle the high volumes of employee inquiries in a shorter timeframe.

When an employee submits a request, the solution is able to:

  • Employ AI to extract and categorize data, such as employee ID, employee status, request type, and notes for handling from structured and unstructured employee emails.
  • Log calls made directly through the HRMS portal.
  • Prepare Excel spreadsheets to consolidate the data according to predetermined guidelines from the HR team.
  • Automatically assess for completeness and send follow-up emails to the requester when there was missing information.

With these tedious tasks automated, the HR team could respond to requests in a timely manner. Once the team marks a request as completed in the portal, the bot automatically sends the inquiring employee an email with the solution attached.

The AI-powered HR automation decreased the manual processing time by 80%, allowing the HR team to promptly respond to employees. It cut the average response time from 3 days to just 20 minutes.