Healthcare: Elimination of Payroll Timecard Exceptions Featured Image

Healthcare: Elimination of Payroll Timecard Exceptions

Automation finds timecard exceptions, notifies managers and escalates issues. It extracts incomplete timecards from Kronos and uses business rules to identify exceptions. Depending on the reason and circumstances, it signs-off on unapproved timecard or alerts appropriate manager for their action, either in batches or one-by-one. If a manager has multiple employees with issues, the messages are consolidated into a single alert. Over set time periods and until issue resolution, the solution escalates three times (i.e., manager, manager’s manager, etc.).

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Insurance: Speed Customer Service Processing Featured Image

Insurance: Speed Customer Service Processing

Automation established a high-volume processing framework to perform initial in-scope service transactions and that was also extensible to rapidly add more service transactions as needed in the future. Solution connects to and monitors the Insurer’s AWD case management system for service requests, applies business rules for handling instructions and makes required adjustments to policies and contracts in the respective admin platforms, including confirming success and closing the case.

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Media and Entertainment: Invoice Data Extraction for Scale Featured Image

Media and Entertainment: Invoice Data Extraction for Scale

A joint client/ WonderBotz team worked closely together to scale InvoiceBotz processing scope by adding more vendors and templates to the existing program. Using existing WonderBotz InvoiceBotz functionality, the joint team identified new vendor invoices to be added, grouped by high and low volume, region, and formats, and expanded the business rules to further verify extracted data to improve confidence levels and OCR data quality.

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Hospitality: Annual Bonus Plan Process Featured Image

Hospitality: Annual Bonus Plan Process

The solution gathers the draft bonus plans that have been created for each employee. Next, it identifies the right approver for each plan and requests that they perform the required review. First-line and next-level managers work together until they align on a final plan that conforms to policy. After an employee’s plan is approved, the automation loads the plan into the defined bonus letter template, creates a PDF file with password protection and delivers the PDF file to first-line managers for secure distribution.

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Healthcare: Service Intensity Add-on (SIA) Featured Image

Healthcare: Service Intensity Add-on (SIA)

While not diagnosing a medical condition, the automation uses patient data from medical evaluations performed by registered nurses (RN). Applying rules to medical codes entered by the RN, it sets the patient’s status as “normal” or “SIA”, and, as applicable, sends SIA alerts to the individual members of the patient’s direct care team advising that they need to immediately get to their patient. It results in improved patient care, services for their families, and revenues for the organization in support of its mission.

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Healthcare: Hospice In-hospital Patient Onboarding Featured Image

Healthcare: Hospice In-hospital Patient Onboarding

Automation enables immediate action on referral. Using simplified data-entry screen, intake team and referring physician work together to load the patient’s medical data into the system (e.g., diagnoses, demographics, insurance coverage, circumstances). Using rules and workflows, automation (1) identifies follow-up admission tasks and required face-to-face visits, (2) assigns the direct care service team by location, (3) prepares electronic medical record and (4) provides draft clinical notes to care team for review and submission.

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Healthcare: Payroll Allocation for Care Providers Featured Image

Healthcare: Payroll Allocation for Care Providers

Automation retrieves payroll and timesheet information from ADP and health information systems for each of its staff. It applies business rules based upon worker’s location, schedule, discipline, and assigned patients to calculate the necessary direct and indirect cost center allocations and then loads the results into the financial systems for reporting. A secondary impact, the improved reporting accuracy increased care team utilization.

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Healthcare: Medical Provider Timesheet Billing Digitization Featured Image

Healthcare: Medical Provider Timesheet Billing Digitization

Automation digitized distribution, collection, and review of timesheets, and eliminated redundant manual data entry. Timesheets are generated from planned provider schedules and also on-demand for unscheduled services. Medical team members receive and fill out their timesheet and are sent reminders to complete them as needed. CPT coding is applied and checked based upon services provided. Finished timesheets are reviewed by Billing before getting uploaded into NetSmart.

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