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Entry-level Developer
Intelligent automation is just beginning to take hold as early adopters describe their successes. WonderBotz was formed to help organizations capture this value. We're growing and are always seeking more talent.

If you're excited about an opportunity to join a growing entrepreneurial firm, we want to talk with you. Check out our job board or go right to one of our featured openings. 
Senior Developer
Do you possess these attributes?​

  • Strong desire to learn robotic process automation (RPA) with platforms used by WonderBotz clients
  • Personable with strong verbal and written communication, and presentation skills 
  • Strong analytical & process flow / data flow diagraming skills
  • Self-starter and eager to learn new and emerging technologies
  • Focused on problem-solving and team success

If you do, then you are who we want to expand our team of consultants, senior consultants and managers.
These additional experiences make you an even better fit for WonderBotz

  • Utilize workflow-based logic as a means understand current state workflow and conceptualize future automated solution.
  • Business process and/or systems background in at least one WonderBotz key sector (i.e., insurance, banking and capital markets, wealth and asset management, US healthcare, and media and entertainment)
  • Bonus: certified in Blue Prism® or UiPath
Why talented people join

We believe that 'what's right' rather than 'who's right' and, as a fun fast-growing firm, offer many opportunities for professional growth and development. Our partners are professional services veterans with a keen interest in mentoring our future leaders. Our teaming philosophy is simple - "be successful by making the people around you successful both clients and colleagues."  This applies to everyone from partners to interns.

What we look for

Our team members represent a diverse set of people and backgrounds, with the shared belief in furthering their career, mastering new challenges and being part of something bigger than themselves. We want colleagues who run toward rather than run away from challenges and who produce great work.  

Our culture and values

Our leaders believe that trust and collaboration are the keys to sustained growth and success for our clients and us. We build trust and collaboration through transparency, straight-talk, relationships in and outside of work, consistency of action, clarity of purpose and fairness. Not only do we want our clients to feel great about working with us, our secret ambition is to get them promoted (our at least a big bonus) through their choice to work with us.
General information on our openings

  • Salary: Competitive base and bonus determined by level and experience
  • Benefits: Healthcare, relocation, vacation, holidays
  • Headquarters, training and innovation center: Las Vegas, NV
  • US professional services hubs: Princeton-NJ, Boston-MA and additional major cities
  • Travel: Practitioners should be prepared for 100% travel, though actual travel will be less. Staff living near an office or hub will have less travel then remote employees.
  • Training: WonderBotz provides training, depending upon experience level, with expectation that candidates will pass vendor developer certification exam by end of your training period.
Expectations for practitioners

Our career path is well laid and clear to understand. We want every practitioner on the WonderBotz team to grow professionally and expand their skills. This chart below describes our expectations at each level of practitioner. This works in conjunction with our career framework which describes the skills WonderBotz need to serve our clients (i.e., automation, process and strategy, traiing and project management) and grow our business (i.e., knowledge management, client account management, business development, and product management).
Senior Consultant
Principal Consultant
Expected required level of supervision

Delivery manager defines the actions, work products, and processes necessary for associate consultants to complete assigned tasks. Delivery manager provides direction on a daily or step-by-step basis in order for the individual to complete their tasks most effectively. Progress is checked against a timetable on a regular basis.

New senior consultants prioritize their daily tasks with guidance from the delivery lead. Delivery lead takes the initiative in question and answer sessions to ensure issues are resolved and progress is maintained. Seek guidance as appropriate on key issues.

More experienced senior consultants take the initiative, follows the work plan, check progress against objectives, and report any deviation to the delivery lead. Senior consultants can work effectively and efficiently without constant checking by the delivery lead. Seek guidance as appropriate on key issues

New Principals require minimal supervision, addressing most issues and answering most questions from the client and other consultants about own area of responsibility. He or she needs to consult the delivery lead only on significant issues or topics. May be delivery lead on smaller jobs or closely partnered with more experiences Principals in leading larger jobs.

Experience Principals require little to no supervision but keep practice and leadership appraised of project status in a timely manner, raising issues to the appropriate level and at the appropriate time. Would be delivery lead on large or complex engagements.

Use of WonderBotz methods
Demonstrated awareness
Understood and applied
Applied to client needs
Core consulting capabilities
Quality reviews of our work products and projects
Building awareness of quality review issues
Participated in quality review of own project
Contributed to quality review of own or other project
Client relationships
Developed working relationships with client staff
Sustained positive working relationships with client project team members
Developed and sustained strong working relationships with client project team members
Developed and sustained relationships with client management during projects
Sustained strong ongoing relationships with client middle and senior management
Innovation and thought leadership
Understand concepts
Delegated contribution; internally focused
Targeted contribution and review; use concepts on engagements; advanced working knowledge; externally focused
Regular contributor and reviewer; adapts concepts to specific situations
Business development and sales
Awareness of pipeline and opportunities; can help provide content in specific areas on core consulting services and offerings
Supports proposals; can present pieces of the solution offering to prospective client
Owns specific  proposal pieces; stitch together story and present full solution to prospective client
Feedback and mentoring
Provide project-level feedback to team members
Provide project and career feedback
Mentor staff and provide guidance within team
Recruits, hires, and mentors staff within WonderBotz