Blue Prism Video – Where do you buy

Blue Prism License Video – Where do you buy a license?

How (and where) do you actually buy a Blue Prism license?

Well, you have a couple of different options for that. We are a reseller, so we can do that, as a Global Elite Reseller You can contact Blue Prism, and get a trial license for a period of time. Or you can call your normal software reseller.

The value add services that a Blue Prism reseller brings are:

  • Help implementing the licenses on your infrastructure.
  • Help training and coaching you to develop and run the bots.
  • Help plan the automations to do.

Short term, there may be some savings from not using a Blue Prism partner, but not when it comes to using the bots.

As a global elite reseller, we have excellent pricing. But we’d also help you with your buying strategy.

How many should I buy at any given point in time? When do I need them? How do I ramp up?

Where are my best volume pricing breaks? What is the right draw-down strategy?

Even if you commit to buying 100 Digital Workers, you are not going to need them all for some time, unless you are expanding your automations very quickly!

You don’t want to over-commit, because it is very hard to unwind a contract, but it is easy to add to a contract.

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