Blue Prism Video – How do you buy a Bot (or Digital Worker)?

Blue Prism License Video – How do you buy a Bot (or Digital Worker)?

So where would someone get started, and buy a Blue Prism License?

You should do your research, to kind of understand what you are doing. If you are buying your initial order, you have probably done, or you probably would do, a Proof of Concept first.

Blue Prism Trial License Needs

We would work with you to get your trial license for that. A proof of concept that doesn’t go into production can be served with a trial license. If you are beyond that phase, and are ready to start buying for production, we would look at your backlog of automations and help you understand how many robots these automatons will need, and what is your ramp-up for adding automations.

From that we will help you decide how many bots you need to commit to each year to get me to a discount level that makes sense.

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