Strengthen your Understanding of AI Chatbots and How to Deploy Them

There has long been critical feedback from customers worldwide, that conversations with a customer service team are more scripted than empathetic. More robotic and less human, so to speak, due to the templated/scripted answers that the customers receive. There used to be jokes about the kinds of answers received during a phone call with an IT helpdesk, such as:

Caller: My Outlook is not working

Helpdesk: Send us an email with a screenshot and we will investigate into it

We can all relate. However, in the current AI technology and Intelligent Automation movement, the first line of assistance in Customer Service has now truly become robotic! Digital AI chatbots attend, answer, and try to provide resolution for customers’ queries. Therefore, it is critical that businesses strengthen their understanding of AI chatbots to enhance customer experience.

The common expectations of a typical chatbot solution are grouped into the following categories: 

  • Getting a quick answer to questions – FAQ 
  • Resolving a complaint or problem – Simple solutions, within agreeable limits and rules 
  • Getting a more detailed answer to a query – Pointer to additional help material 
  • Identifying a human customer service agent – Route the call to the appropriate human agent 

With the above understanding, businesses restrict the extent to which traditional chatbots can contribute. The assumptions and restrictions about the capabilities of a chatbot are pictorially represented as:

What all AI chatbots can do?  

Well, much more than organizations fully grasp. The following table illustrates the shortcomings of traditional chatbots, and the feature-rich new capabilities of ‘Conversational AI Chatbots’ 

What is Conversational AI? 

Conversational AI promises to solve the integration of people and systems. The conversational approach allows anyone to develop and create workflows around their own business needs. Simple conversation-based workflows empower sales, customer service, field operations, finance, or IT professionals to increase internal and external customer satisfaction. Conversational AI is just like describing a conversation between the people and the systems.

New settings for the LLM’s that power Conversational AI Chatbots allow you to adjust the tone, level of creativity and types of responses given. Solutions like GENIE CoWorker allow organizations to train the AI on huge quantities of company specific data, allowing more complete answers than ever before. For the first time the AI Chatbot experience might feel more “human” than the robotic scripted outsourced customer service team!

GENIE CoWorker Icon for WonderBotz secure On-Prem ChatGPT

How are Conversational AI Chatbots different? 

Conversational AI provides intelligent automation using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a complete platform. With Generative AI organizations can engage with their customers in a new way. One that makes them feel “heard”. Solutions can be built for web and mobile clients or can connect to the existing collaboration tools. 

Whether you are looking for an enterprise level AI assistant for your staff, or your customer service experience WonderBotz is ready to help. We have custom solitons and the ability to integrate any other emerging technology with our adaptive AI-empowered ARIA Cloud platform.


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