RPA experts on demand: introducing the WonderBotz backstop

WonderBotz is a global professional services firm providing solutions, consulting, training, software and managed services focused on process automation. Our mission is to help our clients adopt intelligent automation, RPA, cognitive and adjacent technologies, to enhance productivity, improve quality and reduce costs.​​

We’re headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and have professional services hubs in Princeton, NJ and Boston, MA, as well as our solution center in Ahmedabad, India. Our leadership team has led world-class system integration efforts for some of the world’s brightest brands and held leadership roles in the Big 4. We’ve built a strong team of experienced, dedicated technology consultants, and 95% of them hold at least one certification from at least one top RPA application.

RPA & Hyperautomation Trend

The reality, however, is that the RPA market is in a phase of disruption as a stand-alone solution. As new offerings, vendors, and prebuilt “botz” are emerging rapidly, RPA alone is no longer enough. To increase business agility, there is increased pressure on IT (and more often lately, it has been business) leaders to stay ahead of market trends. Per a recent report, “Gartner projects that this renaissance in RPA is part of the bigger trend of hyperautomation.”

Further according to Gartner, “Hyperautomation refers to an approach in which organizations rapidly identify and automate as many business processes as possible. It involves the use of a combination of technology tools, including but not limited to machine learning, packaged software and automation tools to deliver work.”

That pressure, and stark reality, can be daunting to organizations dipping toes into RPA capabilities or dragging their feet on a RPA license agreement who must now prove value quickly. We help clients achieve their automation program goals for “Digital Worker Value” through our Backstop services.

The journey to a successful automation program covers many steps and milestone markers.

One of the hardest strains on an automation program is not having the right talent. Done well, intelligent RPA projects take on a life of their own and beget excitement. The intelligent RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) team and sponsors will testify to the fact that the skills required for success vary widely and over time. There are many moving parts, and shifting priorities.

Backstop is your on-demand COE

For a flat monthly fee, Backstop performs like an on-demand CoE with full unfettered access to whichever function (or combination of functions) you will need to keep your intelligent robotic process automation program on track. We provide developers, solution architects, controllers and business analysts, ready to help break through barriers. We also provide reusable code to compress development time by weeks, or even months.

Backstop clients enjoy on-demand access to any and all of WonderBotz’s any need related to anything that we do. No other firm walks their talk as we do. Some examples of how we’ve helped clients:

  • Strategic advice and sounding board covering ROM evolution, pipeline/backlog management, license utilization and more
  • Design and configuration authority for adherence to leading practices and mentoring of your developer team
  • Debugging support when your developer team gets stuck
  • Escalation with your software platform providers, if needed
  • Infrastructure help to diagnose problems and advice on upgrades
  • Even urgent tactical development

When Backstop makes most sense

Our clients of all sizes and industries enjoy our backstop as it’s designed to grow and shift with their changing needs:

  • New to RPA and Become Self-Sufficient clients use Backstop get and keep them on the right track and buffer their confidence as they build mastery across all areas of the emerging RPA/IPA capability
  • Help me scale clients use Backstop to maintain automation design and configuration quality as well as to evaluate automation candidates for maximum value using Robot-way.
  • Clients with stalled automation programs use Backstop to triage and remediate challenges, whether automation stability, ROM adjustments or whatever it takes to clear the roadblock

A recent study from Forrester, showed that hiring in the RPA space is incredibly tumultuous right now. Now is the time for CoE leaders to make sure they are still delivering automation milestones to the business this year. Consider WonderBotz, an award-winning services provider, to float your team through this pandemic. The Backstop has served as a form of Human Capital “insurance” for some of our largest customers navigating these uncertain waters.