Beyond process discovery - using your data for employee enablement

Employee Enablement does not often enter the discussion around the Automation Journey and Process Discovery. But we find it plays a major role in increasing overall company efficiency and automation potential. It is employees who create process variations, both the brilliant new solutions and the slow resource wasting ones. Process Improvement without Employee Enablement is an incomplete solution.

Diagnosing and fixing problems in employees’ environments removes the causes of variations while increasing productivity and morale. GENIE’s Employee Enablement Accelerator gives you the tools to see how employees spend their time and what might be holding them back. Oh, and there are some other great time-saving features built in for staff training, HR management, and compliance documentation. Sounds like a wonder tool, right? We know, we are WonderBotz.

Employee Enablement and the Automation Journey

The purpose of process improvement and automation is definitely to save money and increase efficiency. But it is also to remove tedious work from employees so that they can focus on the tasks that require creativity and well, “human-ness”.

“In our bank we have people doing work like robots. Tomorrow we will have robots behaving like people.” John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank.

Employee Enablement allows us to use the data collected during Process Discovery to support your human staff. We provide painfully factual data on performance and productivity, to make business decisions on resource allocation, training needs, and role definition. This data provides leaders with the ability to have meaningful conversations that support change.

GENIE Employee Enablement Productivity Report showing idol time by employee per week.

GENIE For Department Managers

How would it change your management style to have up-to-date efficiency metrics on each user in your team? If you could:

  • Identify your star players and the weak links.
  • Measure which processes are efficient and those that need to be retooled.
  • Verify outsourced teams efficiency and comprehension of given tasks.

Maintaining a clear picture of department or company-wide workforce efficiency is challenging for growing enterprises. Metrics are often subjective and reporting slow. Outsourced teams’ efficiency and time management are difficult to track and even harder to optimize.

In the era of work from home, outsourced teams, and large data centers, understanding how much work is actually getting done is hard. With most other tracking software you can see that a staff member’s mouse is moving, or they are green on Slack. But there has been difficulty in seeing how much of their “activity” is meaningful work, until now.

The same task tracking data that allowed GENIE to identify processes, can decipher when employees are doing meaningful work related to those tasks. You can track each user’s idle time, number of tasks completed, and the value of the work they do.

Diving Deep into Company Productivity

From GENIE’s Core Command Center we are able to see company-wide productivity analysis and week-over-week changes in global productivity. With the Employee Enablement Accelerator we are able to dive down to the department, work group, and individual employee-level to assess where wins or losses in productivity arise.

You can see comparisons of an individual’s employee efficiency compared to themselves in other months, versus their workgroup, versus their department. These productivity deltas allow us to ask the right questions. If work group A is completing tasks in 40% less time than work group B, what are the reasons? Where are they located in the world? Is it a language issue or is the time of day having an impact? Is it a systems issue, perhaps work group B is using outdated hardware, or are they being slowed down with substandard internet connectivity? Has work group B recently added new team members who need more training?

GENIE gives you the data to investigate these productivity deltas and create training plans to get everyone up to speed.

We are also able to extrapolate from the data more complex resource dependencies. If a work group is underperforming because they are being called upon to complete another department’s tasks, we can then see clearly where additional resources need to be placed.

GENIE’s Employee Enablement Accelerator is the unexpected HR Resource

Process Documentation is everyone’s favorite office management task!?

No, it’s not ours either. That’s why we automated it.

And we can show you how to save weeks of time and be more compliance ready than you have ever been before. Our Intelligent Process Discovery enables end-to-end continuous process management.

  • Discovery & Mapping: Enables full-task and process discovery.
  • Analysis & Optimization: Provides process and productivity analytics.
  • Audit & Compliance: Tracks processes & generates SOPs

Maintaining process documentation and compliance requirements is tedious. The SOP and PDDs generated by GENIE are sufficient for most SOC2 compliance requirements. As your company benefits from automation the roles for your human staff may change. In 2 clicks an email you can push out the new changes to everyone affected. Helping you effectively manage and support your staff in this change.

GENIE’s data also gives you real statistical performance data to make annual reviews easier. You can know how efficient this staff member is compared to themself last year, to their teammates, and the rest of the company. You can see where they follow the process well and where they are deviating from the guidelines.

Having this data allows you to identify and reward star players. It also lets you objectively identify great players who need more training versus the ones who are just wasting the company’s time.

Add the Employee Empowerment Accelerator and take advantage of your data

The Automation Journey  is not just about robots. It’s about the people we want to relieve from repetitive tasks, making them more efficient and successful. When you add the Employee Empowerment Accelerator you have a powerful tool to train, support and review your staff.

Let us show you how you can add this powerful tool to your tool belt.

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