Bits About Bots: Join the Automation Conversation

In an effort to stay continuously engaged with how the market interprets and adopts the concept of automation, we interview leading finance leaders and automation professionals to discuss tangential topics associated with the skills, processes, and technology required for modern business leaders. Some of the topics we tap into include:

  • Skills required to lead finance & accounting teams into the next 5 years
  • RPA as a Human Capital management strategy, where does HR and Finance connect?
  • Debunking Hype v Must-haves in emerging technology
  • The View from The CFO – often by or for finance leaders, RPA from their perspective is key

We welcome submissions to be one of our interviewees. Past professionals have enjoyed the exposure for their brands and to share RPA milestones with their peers or stakeholders. The process to participate is easy:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Your WonderBotz interviewer will reach out with times to connect
  3. We will discuss topics you are passionate and comfortable speaking to
  4. On the agreed upon date we will open a webacts
  5. A casual discussion will be had
  6. You will have the opportunity to view the video before being posted
  7. The video is posted.