Winning in RPA: Select the best use cases and prove value to the business



A Blue Prism World On Demand Session hosted by WonderBotz

In “Winning in RPA”, WonderBotz pulled together business leaders with experience in running an RPA program. They shared so many great stories. What makes this session valuable is the open, frank, honest, entertaining and rapid-fire format that allows you to quickly learn about the successes and challenges that these leaders faced.

During this 17-minute video you’ll learn first-hand from:

  • Kent Anderson, CEO, Ohio’s Hospice, Inc.
  • Brent Baxter, VP and CAO, Genesco
  • Das Dasgupta, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Saatchi&Saatchi
  • Katie DeLorenzo, Director, Technology and Operations Strategy, Lincoln Investment Planning
  • Jaideep Vijayakar, Director, Finance Strategy and Transformation, Equinix
  • Cindy Vranesa, Senior Manager, Financial Reporting and Systems, Sally Beauty

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