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The Healthcare Industry is paperwork and data heavy, WonderBotz offers Healthcare Automation Solutions to speed up medical billing and coding.

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The Healthcare Industry is a prime candidate for business process automation. It has many repetitive, document heavy, data entry takes that can be performed by robots in a fraction of the time that it takes human office workers. Healthcare Automation Solutions can speed up your healthcare office and let your team focus on patient care, rather than paperwork processing.

Intelligent Process Automation in the Healthcare Industry

Intelligent process automation tools have reshaped work for healthcare professionals. Medical billing and coding require painstaking accuracy and speed. These are the categories where robots, digital workers, shine. Employing digital workers lowers costs, enhances productivity, decreases billing time, and improves compliance. More than a third of healthcare provider office tasks can be easily automated, allowing your human team to do what they do best, helping patients.

Healthcare Automation Examples

There are many examples of successful Automation in Healthcare. Our most recent Healthcare Automation Examples have been in care provider payroll, insurance eligibility, and patient onboarding.

Other Use Cases for Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

Efficiency, accuracy and speed can be increased for many other use cases for Automation in Healthcare. Robots excel at entering, tracking, migrating, and fetching data. The easily create reports, process payroll, track equipment, keep inventory, and schedule recurring events.

Sample use cases for Healthcare Automation might include

  • Back-Office and Operational Efficiency 
  • Billing, payments and claims management 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Automation 
  • Invoice Processing 
  • Tracking medical equipment location and inventory 
  • Transcribing Patient Letters 
  • Connecting different systems to share information 

Let the WonderBotz team help your office define the most pressing healthcare automation needs and find the correct solutions for you.  

WonderBotz Healthcare Automation Solutions

Getting Started with WonderBotz

Welcome to WonderBotz, your Hyperautomation partner. We are committed to increasing business efficiency, company morale, and innovation through the use of automation. Automating repetitive computer-based tasks frees your human staff to be more creative, take better care of your customers, and get more done.  

We work with the best in brand software solutions to bring you the latest technologies on the market. Our team of RPA developers, Software architects, and business consultants are standing by to provide any help you need to make your Automation goals a reality. Whether you choose to purchase RPA tools one at a time or build out your full Automation CoE, we can find the right solutions to fit your specific business needs.  

Our newest offering simplifies the RPA process by creating an all-in-one Managed Service. Based on your business needs we can build you the perfect RPA Tool Kit. With consumption-based pricing (pay for only what you use) we can finally make top-of-the-line RPA tools available to organizations of all sizes.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Healthcare Automation Solutions?

Healthcare Automation solutions are RPA Software that help with medical billing, coding, supply ordering, patient record management, and insurance eligibility. They allow digital workers, robots, to manage the data entry so your human staff can provide better patient care.

What are the benefits of Automation in Healthcare?

There are many benefits to Automation in Healthcare. Burnout is a huge problem for medical billing and coding offices. There is an enormous amount of data to be handle manually in most medical offices. Healthcare Automation Software allows robots to handle the date entry so your human team can focus on caring for patients.  Healthcare Automation decreases cost, saves time, increases accuracy, and ensures regulatory compliance, while increasing patient satisfaction and office morale.

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