Automation Solutions for Healthcare

Intelligent automation in the healthcare industry 


Intelligent automation tools have reshaped work for healthcare professionals. It upgrades the administration of patient care and regulates the crisis of healthcare worker burnout. More than a third of healthcare provider tasks can be easily automated, which improves interoperability, provides greater accuracy, enhances productivity, alleviates compliance risk and enhances patient processing.   


How did the pandemic bring about a change in healthcare? 

The increased need for emergency care brought about a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry which exposed the need for digital transformation and led to a revamp of inefficient processes which were collectively costing healthcare practices billions of dollars each year. Automating process workflows with Robotic Process Automation will decrease costs, reduce time spent per task from minutes to fractions of a second and will free employees to focus their time on tasks that require critical thinking.

Most healthcare workers and providers face similar challenges (AHRQ):

  • 88% ranked excessive data entry   
  • 78% notes used for billing   
  • 60-48% poor work-life balance, physical fatigue and anxiety due to excessive computer use 
Proven remedies for the biggest healthcare challenges. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) and business insight tools (BI) impacts each of the stakeholders - patients, partners, caregivers, administrators, and communities - and should be a consideration for any healthcare provider.  Here is a solution set that could get you started:

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