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See how our F&A back-office automation suite can save your organization time and money by employing highly accurate, reliable, cost-effective digital workers.

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The goals of all Automation Solutions for Finance and Accounting are easy: save time, save money, and increase accuracy. Music to every leader’s ears…

But how to get to cheaper, faster, better is the question?

WonderBotz Prebuilt Solutions are the answer. Over our years of helping accounting departments in many different industries, we have developed a suite of F&A Automation solutions. These out-of-the box automations are easy to deploy, customizable to your specific data sources, and perform tasks in seconds that take human staff hours.

Finance and Accounting Back-Office Automation

Finance and Accounting back-office processes are exactly the highly repetitive, accuracy focused type of tasks that software robots do best! See how our F&A back-office automation suite can save your organization time and money by employing digital workers.  For each functional area read more about how our Prebuilt Intelligent Automation Solutions are delivering fast value to organizations!


For those who are looking for a more complete solution, check out our new Digital BPO offering. In this service we do all the automation heavy lifting for you. Hire on the digital shore for your Finance and Accounting clerk just like you might do in an offshore BPO office.  Read more about BPO vs RPA here.

Automating Record-to-Report

The R2R process in finance encompasses collecting, organizing, and presenting a company’s financial data. It includes generating reports like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and budget reports.

Automating these general ledger and reporting tasks can lead to huge cost and time savings. Digital workers can generate reports in a fraction of the time human office workers need with exceptional accuracy.

Read more about Record-to-Report Automation here.

Recommended Accounting Automation Tools for Record-to-Report

Automating Order-to-Cash

The Order-to-Cash process is a multi-departmental, multi-step (and often multi-system) process that requires both speed and accuracy. These characteristics make it more complex to automate but can be one of the most profitable end-to-end Finance and Accounting automations.

Order-to-Cash automation software spans the O2C team, in partnership with sales and service teams. Our goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize revenue leakage, and provide leadership and customers with timely information.

Read more about Order-to-Cash Automation Software here.

Recommended Finance Automation Tools for Order-to-Cash

Automating Procure-to-Pay

Procure-to-pay is an accounting process that manages orders and payments to approved suppliers. Well managed P2P processes keep your supply chain humming and your accounts payable department up to date.

Automating your P2P processes can prepare your business to scale by eliminating manual processes, increasing accuracy, and lowering costs. Our Procure-to-Pay Automation software features can include: 

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Invoice receipt and processing
  • Accurate and timely remittance
  • Supplier relationship tracking
  • Monthly reporting

Read more about Procure-to-Pay Automation here.

Recommended Automation Solutions for Procure-to-Pay

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