Automation Solutions for Contact Centers

How do contact centers leverage Intelligent automation?

Modern Contact Centers leverage a variety of intelligent automation tools to improve customer interaction and create more self-service options for today’s busy consumers – not only can automation be used as a tool to improve efficiency and reduce cost, it can also improve the customer experience by speeding up call productivity, customer satisfaction and driving continuous improvement.   

Challenges faced by the leadership

Visibility into contact center productivity can be a challenge to leadership, even understanding what areas to automate can often seem too inconsistent for a traditional RPA approach. Leveraging AI models and uncovering the power of extractable data by mining your current daily operations can uncover opportunities that can quickly materialize into both better customer and employee experience. 

Most contact centers face similar challenges:

  • 35% of productivity loss on agents searching for customer information,  
  • 89% of consumers look elsewhere after a poor customer experience 
  • 30-45% employee turnover due to complexity and frustration   
Turn contact center operations into real-time customer engagement hubs. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) and business insight tools (BI) impacts the bottom-line and should be a consideration for any contact center. Here is a solution set that could get you started:

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