Automation Solutions for Center of Excellence

How does the CoE create maximum value for the organization?

RPA CoE is becoming one of the top trends in 2022 and the global RPA market is projected to reach $12B by 2025. The more bots required, the higher the cost, time, and effort spent. Therefore, it is imperative to have a sustainable strategy and right governance for maximum value creation thereby, the right set up of Center of Excellence. WonderBotz has a team of highly skilled developers, solution architects, controllers, and business analysts to help organizations develop an enterprise-wide RPA strategy as well as to scale and standardize RPA solutions.

How important is the CoE for your organization? 

According to a Horse for Sources study – 88% of surveyed believe that the automation CoE has been effective in delivering business value. With the right standards and best practices, the CoE can help you scale easily, improve the efficiency of bot development cycle, improve ROI, and integrate IT with efforts.

When should you think of hiring on-demand CoE experts:

  • New to RPA/Become self-sufficient – for emerging RPA/IP capabilities  
  • Help me Scale automation design and configuration quality maintenance and automation assessment  
  • Rescue Meto clear the roadblock and remediate challenges 
To get it done right for your CoE, we hire highly-experienced RPA talent with the best technical expertise. Constructing RPA CoE setups is crucial and should be perfectly deployed, relying on a non-RPA/IPA outsourcer for this role adds layers of grief on top of the do-it-myself approach. Outsourcing to an organization like ours creates time for more value-adding new activities.

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