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Bringing automation to your organization increases productivity, decreases monotonous work, improves morale, and boosts the bottom line. But building or managing your Automation Center of Excellent (Automation CoE) has its challenges. One of them is the myth that DIY is cheaper. WonderBotz has had the privilege to support many Automation CoE’s and recover a few. Whether you are flying or struggling, we have the tools and talent to augment your roadmap and deliver even more value to your organization.

How does an RPA CoE create maximum value for the organization?

The world of work is definitely moving toward automation, the global RPA market is projected to reach $12B by 2025. When building an RPA CoE, scale is an important consideration. The more bots required, the higher the cost, time, and effort spent. There is a tipping point where economies of scale are reached, in code, infrastructure, license utilization, development, and maintenance costs. Reaching the point where your program becomes self-sustaining quickly is key to delivering value and positive ROI.

Needs may differ depending on where you are in your RPA Journey:

  • New to RPA – For emerging RPA/IP capabilities, we can help you assemble the right RPA software toolkit for your program. Infrastructure, talent, and out of the box RPA software solutions are available to jumpstart your success.
  • Standardize and Scale – For organizations who are already seeing value from their RPA program, we can help maximize your existing licenses. We will strategically add the licenses and capabilities needed, and make sure that your infrastructure is set up for the new load.
  • Reignite an underperforming program – According to E&Y, 30-50% of new RPA programs fail. If you find yourself managing an RPA program with negative ROI and loosing support from shareholders, we can help get you back on track.

How WonderBotz can support your Automation CoE with Technology

Whether starting fresh or scaling your RPA Program, optimizing your RPA Software licenses is key to positive ROI and meaningful automations. The first step can be to integrate all of your technologies into one orchestrator. ARIA Cloud provides both the hosting and the cental command center to manage, deploy, and govern your entire Automation CoE.

Benefits of ARIA Cloud:

  • Migrate to the cloud – Cloud hosting allows your RPA program to scale smoothly, volume pricing allows for economies of scale as your program grows.
  • Avoid Pilot fatigue – Using one consistent cloud infrastructure you can pilot new technologies, easily integrating them into your existing RPA stack.
  • Platform Agnostic – Bring your existing licenses from any platform into one orchestrator, add the connectors and additional capabilities you need to optimize your RPA software investment.
  • Program wide metrics – The ARIA Dashboard provides an overview of your RPA CoE’s progress and performance.

To further maximize your license investment, ARIA can be purchased as part of our RPA as a Managed Service offering. We can take on the infrastructure and so you can keep your RPA Program running and delivering value to your organization.

Boost your speed to value by adding Prebuilt Solutions. Our Finance and Accounting suite automates the most common back-office tasks, saving multiple FTE’s in the first year.

WonderBotz Intelligent Automation Technology

How WonderBotz can support your Automation CoE with Talent

Shortfalls in staffing or talent can happen for many reasons in an Automation CoE. We have created flexible solutions that allow you to get on-demand expert help from any of our RPA Professionals. We have programs available for organizations in each phase of the RPA development.  

  • Backstop Support Services – Our most flexible offering is a fit for any phase of your RPA journey. Get 40 hours per month of access-on-demand to our team of RPA developer’s, Solution Architects, RPA controllers, and Business Analysts.  
  • Co-Pilot Developers – Our Sr RPA Developer and Solution Architect will mentor your new RPA team to successfully complete their first automation project.  
  • WonderBotz Podz – for existing teams who want need to fill an empty seat in your development team we can lend you one of our star players to operate under your management.  

Let our RPA experts support your Automation CoE. Let us do what we are best, empowering your organization to do more of what you do best! 

Automation Center of Excellence Support Options

Getting Started with WonderBotz

Welcome to WonderBotz, your Hyperautomation partner. We are committed to increasing business efficiency, company morale, and innovation through the use of automation. Automating repetitive computer-based tasks frees your human staff to be more creative, take better care of your customers, and get more done.

We work with the best-in-brand software solutions to bring you the latest technologies on the market. Our team of RPA developers, Software architects, and business consultants are standing by to provide any help you need to make your Automation goals a reality. Whether you choose to purchase RPA tools one at a time or build out your full Automation CoE, we can find the right solutions to fit your specific business needs.

Our newest offering simplifies the RPA process by creating an all-in-one Managed Service. Based on your business needs we can build you the perfect RPA Tool Kit. With consumption-based pricing (pay for only what you use) we can finally make top-of-the-line RPA tools available to organizations of all sizes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Automation Center of Excellence?

An Automation Center of Excellence or Automation CoE is the group within your organization that manages all automation or RPA initiatives. The Automation CoE is comprised of the people, technology, processes and infrastructure needed to make your RPA program a success.

Why is an Automation CoE important for business?

Automation can save huge amounts of time and money for businesses. Having a strong Automation CoE means you have the team and technology to select and build meaningful automations for your organization. Considerations like RPA software licenses, RPA infrastructure, development time, and maintenance costs all add to the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your RPA program. Creating value that exceeds these costs is the key to a successful Automation Center of Excellence.

How cloud migration works

Cloud migration is the process of moving your data from physical onsite servers to a cloud based secure server in a remote location. The cost of purchasing, building, housing and powering your own server farm can be significant, and increasing space and computing power difficult. Cloud computing allows you infinite scalability, and if you are using ARIA Cloud, we will keep your RPA software always up to date.

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