Automation Solutions for Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? 

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organization through the introduction of a digital workforce that complements your human workforce. Digital transformation leaders are tasked with introducing digital interventions to modernize their organization’s automation footprint. Robotic Process Automation, known for its efficiency, reliability, cost saving and customer centricity, has therefore emerged as the starting point for digital transformation. A research by Forrester suggests that the RPA Market will grow to $22 Billion by 2025, indicating that organizations across the world are catching on. 


What are the functions that RPA supports?

RPA supports most functions, automates up to 45% of the manual tasks and works with existing legacy software, ERP and third-party web services. This allows seamless integration of RPA with existing processes and solutions leading to minimal disruption and better collaboration with leaders to tackle operational challenges, such as digitally disrupting the front, middle and back-office activities. 

Certainly, the job of a digital transformation leader doesn’t end at implementing RPA. As an implementer, it is crucial to have answers to the following questions: 

  • Is your current automation program supporting your ROI goals? 
  • Are your C-suite executives and staff aligned with your digital transformation goals? 
  • Do you understand what works for your organization and guarantees quality digital business transformation? 
If your answer to the above questions was anything like “not a 100% sure”, that’s where WonderBotz steps in. Not only do we provide customizable solutions, but we also help you assess your automation requirements and help you in your digital transformation journey. Our offerings are designed to support your team and in turn your organization to achieve your goals. The following three solutions and services might be where you want to start or expand.

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