Rescue My Program

Sometimes programs stall or under-perform, even when there were high expectations. Other consultants or partners may leave your program unfinished or under-developed and the program fails, creating “zombie-bots” that don’t add the promised value. We can help! We will right the ship, put your program back on track and ensure that you have necessary planning, resources, support and operation to make your RPA programs successful over the long haul.

Fix my troubled automations

Repair and improve automations that don’t work, were abandoned too early, fail too often or create too many exceptions, cause service problems or have other issues.

Adjust my ROM

Redefine your robotic operating model (i.e., ROM) for ensuring that existing automations are working optimally and that new automations projects are properly prioritized and resourced in terms of impact/return, feasibility, complexity and resource availability.

Reset my automation backlog

Reexamine the inventory of requested automations and rebalance priorities based on which will create the most business value while reprioritizing projects based on viability and resource constraints.

Repair strained credibility

Too often, RPA projects were over-hyped and under-delivered, and worse, cause real-life headaches when implemented, all weakening or destroying the organization’s support and enthusiasm for the program. We can help restore credibility and make the case for a new, better operation through RPA technology.

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