New to RPA

RPA consulting, deployment and management. Let us automate for you.

Need more developers? Need more hands on the ground? Need the best to get your automations built and working? WonderBotz is here to help!

We can help create your RPA strategy, select your priority automation projects, develop a sound plan and deliver the resources to build and implement your robots. We can work as your extended team to help your on-site staff, provide project teams to get the work done, supply long-term staffing augmentation and install permanent service arrangements to help your RPA program function for the long haul. We’ll help you move forward smartly and achieve your goals.

Are you dealing with a stalled program or hoping to recover one that was abandoned? Learn more about our Rescue My Program services.

Whatever your challenge may be, the team at WonderBotz has the experience and depth of knowledge needed to help you deliver realistic results with the right level of effort and costs.

Executive alignment workshops

Prepares the executive team and the organization to assemble its initial project team. After some pre-work to identify strong RPA candidates, we conduct a day-long workshop to:

  • Identify automation value-drivers for your specific organization 
  • Review and evaluate specific processes for production pilot(s) 
  • Discuss considerations in selecting among platforms 

Roadmap and value case

Chart your path to digital workforce value, focusing on sizing your RPA opportunity and identifying specific automation opportunities and steps required to stand-up your capability.

Jumpstart my program

Help your team stand on its own:

  • Co-pilot, which puts our developers on the ground working alongside and teaching your team
  • Classroom and online training
  • Set up infrastructure, governance and management systems

Software and infrastructure

WonderBotz will help you establish your automation governance, license your software and set up your infrastructure.


Backstop provides whatever else you need whenever you need it, accessing all of WonderBotz’s capabilities and provided as a help desk, off-site support function with extended business hours and access via email, trouble-ticket and telephone support. Backstop can also escalate to on-site support when needed. Backstop helps with:

  • Strategic advice
  • Design and configuration authority
  • Level 2 help desk

  • Debugging support
  • Infrastructure help
  • Questions


We’ll pair you with our experienced RPA experts who will work day-by-day with you as you build out your RPA program with your team. We’ll work with you to oversee planning and deployment, identify potential opportunities and roadblocks and help you solve problems in real time. We’ll be your temporary RPA master and partner, ensuring your program gets off the ground and succeeds.