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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Journey

Not every organization is at the same point in their RPA journey. WonderBotz understands this and in response, has assembled the following services bundles to address each unique stage:

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  • New to RPA/IPA
  • Help Me Scale
  • Become Self-Sufficient
  • Run My Automations

We also recognize that support needs can vary throughout the journey. This is where our Backstop comes in to play. Think of it as an On-Demand Support resource that can help at any stage.

If you’re having challenges with an existing program−it happens to more than you can imagine−consider our Rescue Me service to get back on track.

And, if your organization is struggling with an RPA issue that you don’t see reflected in any of these scenarios, don’t worry. In all our years of working in RPA, we’ve probably seen it and can help. If it’s a real stumper, all the better. We love a challenge.

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