Automation Discovery as a Service

Automation Discovery as a Service helps companies uncover their most meaningful, cost-effective, and needle moving automation opportunities.

We help customers, get unstuck, get motivated, and get scaling.

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Why Organizations Choose Automation Discovery as a Service

The goal of every automation program is to save time, save money, and increase productivity. With Automation Discovery as a Service we uncover high impact automation opportunities and deliver tangible outcome reporting on the automations you’ve implemented.

With Automation Discovery as a Service, organizations will achieve:

  1. Clear data to determine what to automate
  2. A prioritized roadmap to achieve the company vision
  3. Faster scale to a self-sustaining program
  4. Clarity on realized benefits of implemented automations

These services are compatible with leading intelligent automation platforms.

How It Works

Automation Discovery as a Service is a managed service offering that gives you access to WonderBotz’s automation experts through every step of discovery.

Our process unfolds in 5 Phases:

  1. Capture, visualize, and assess existing processes. Perform data capture over a 6-8 week period to understand how work is performed in your organization.
  2. Create a 6-month roadmap. Analyze the data and recommend high value automations for development.
  3. Generate process definition documents. Automatically generate current state process documentation.
  4. Automate processes. Collaborate with developers (yours or ours), who design and build the automations.
  5. Report on realized automation benefits. Help you track and quantify the actual dollar and hours savings of the automations.

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Licensing Automation Discovery as a Service

WonderBotz Automation Discovery as a Service is best utilized in 6-month cycles over multiple years. This enables us to adapt to changing circumstances and build a rhythm between tracking and development.

As part of the initial phase, we help you pick your discovery and pipeline monitoring tools for your program. If you don’t have pre-existing tooling or platforms, we can provide the licenses.

Automation Discovery as a Service can be delivered on leading automation platforms. WonderBotz leverages tools that integrate with your existing environment, so you don’t have compatibility concerns.

An Automaton Discovery Tool Kit Can Include

  • Task Mining

    Capture discrete user activity to understand how targeted tasks are actually performed. Analyze processes for inefficiency and automation opportunities, draft process documentation, and prioritize for automation based on complexity vs. potential value.

  • Process Mining

    Generate visualizations and metrics on end-to-end processes using process mining tools.

    Automatically gather event logs necessary for process mining across multiple systems using our prebuilt solution, ETL Essentials.

  • AI Crowdsourcing

    Get the most out of the automation ideas from your team. Submit ideas for automation to our AI-powered crowdsourcing GPT chatbot. Opportunities are sent to the pipeline management tool, graded for feasibility, and prioritized accordingly.

  • Pipeline Management

    Load all opportunities into your pipeline management tool to create a living automation roadmap and track the status of ongoing developments. Once in production, understand the realized benefits of the automations with the KPIs that matter most to you. 

Quick-Start Options

Deep Dive is fit for organizations that know what business area or process they want to tackle first. Our joint team will conduct interviews with process SMEs and perform in-depth process reviews. We will determine the most impactful automations and provide a prioritized list with our recommendations.

Bootcamp is intended for organizations that want to gather a wide array of ideas and motivate ideation. Introduce business unit groups across your organization to your automation initiatives and crowdsource opportunities through a series of onsite workshops. Prioritize the best ideas and hold follow-up interviews with the employees that submitted them to gather additional details.

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