Are you getting value out of your
Automation investments?

Companies are reassessing the value of their RPA programs. Early on, the market overpromised and underdelivered leaving many organizations at an Automation Crossroad. The early wins have all been automated and additional technology would be needed for the program to continue adding value.

This is a moment where many RPA programs stall, and leadership finds themselves asking:
“Did we get what we paid for?” And even more importantly, “Where do we go from here?”

Let WonderBotz help you create a Roadmap

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Double Down – Reinvigorate your RPA program with AI

The promise of RPA is better, faster and cheaper. Robots will complete tasks in a fraction of the time, eliminating human error, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Does your program do that year over year?

If the answer is no, requesting more budget for your program may not go over well with executive leadership. It might be time to revisit the build of your existing program and find areas to insert AI-powered solutions.

Double Down and Scale Up

AI-powered Intelligent Automation is opening a world of new use cases and opportunities to maximize the efficiency of your robot licenses.

Through our Automation Discovery as a Service offering we will uncover which additional technologies are needed to propel your RPA program into true Intelligent Automation.

You might add:

  • Secure Gen AI tools that integrate with your company data and your RPA system for both customer experience and employee productivity
  • Intelligent Document Processing to slash accounting time
  • Infrastructure changes that will enable more speed and easier scale.

For even faster deployment value, we offer Prebuilt Solutions with connection-ready frameworks that slash development time even further, and deliver outcomes for IDP, Reporting, Cash Application and more.

Keep What’s Working and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

The first round of automations are built and handling important business functions, Win!

But did we get the ROI we were hoping for?

If the answer is no, continuing to expand the program may not be the best option. It may be time to break away from annual license renewals and switch to a Consumption Based pricing model, or even eliminate the bot management from your internal operations entirely.

Reduce Cost and keep what’s working

The question becomes how do we keep the lights on for the automations that are delivering value, but minimize the cost of keeping them running?

For this optimization path we recommend RPA as a Service. Outsourcing to a SaaS model allows us to handle the support of your mission critical automations at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in house support staff.

We manage:

  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Bot breaks
  • Software updates
  • Optimized orchestration to make the most of the robot time you have.

If you have a new automation needs in the future, you can build it, or we can build it for you.

This path allows us to minimize your costs, keep your essential automations delivering value, and maintain the option to scale up when the time is right.

Whether turning left or right at this Automation Crossroad WonderBotz is here to help you maximize your investment and get the most out of Intelligent Automation.